Let's Answer Your Questions

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Do I own the ideas I create with ideate bot?

Yes, absolutely! We can't guarantee someone else hasn't thought of them already, but we do provide tools for you to research your ideas and find out. We won't share or use your ideas in any way. What you do with them is up to you.

Are the ideas you provide original?

Yep! We use a heuristic process to gather and generate a diverse array of conceptual data that allows for virtually unlimited numbers of new ideas. We can't guarantee no-one else has thought of them before, but you will also put your own unique twist on things to provide an additional layer of originality.

Are your ideas on trend?

Yes. We incorporate a wide range of data from all over the place. A significant portion of it is transient, trending data that is updated on a regular basis. A portion of all the conceptual ideas we generate will come from trending topics.

Why are some of your raw ideas so cryptic?

We purposefully introduce a bit of chaos and incoherence into the raw ideas and concepts we present to you. ideate bot is designed to engage your brain's creative storyteller*, not the logical, analytical part.

Ideas that are immediately easy to understand provide less 'food for thought' on a creative level.

* Learn more about how the brain naturally confabulates stories with its built-in storyteller.

Can I use ideate bot for free?

Yup! We have a forever free plan that let's you gather up to 50 new raw ideas every day. No credit card required. You can upgrade if you need more, but that's entirely up to you.