10 Awesome Social Media Post Ideas in Under 5 Minutes

Stopwatches. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

How Anyone Can Come Up With 10 Creative Social Media Post Ideas in Under 5 Minutes (Every Time)

Every influencer and marketer knows that fantastic social media post ideas are the life-blood of a healthy online community. Fresh topic ideas are vital to keeping social media feeds on trend and readers engaged.

From the solo blogger to international brands, a huge amount of time, effort and planning goes into generating creative new topic ideas.

Better ideas equals more followers. No credit card required.

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Just how much time, you ask?

According to OST Marketing, brands spend around 12% of their entire marketing budget on social media. That's not inconsequential.

I decided to see how much time and effort it takes to come up with 10 awesome social media post ideas. Turns out, from start to finish, it's under 5 minutes.

My Top 10 Social Media Post Ideas

Generating unlimited creative topic titles - for anything, not just social media - doesn't have to be a headache. Trust me, I'm not a creative person by nature. If I can do it, you can too.

For the purposes of this experiment, I decided to go for topic ideas aimed at helping influencers, marketers and brands improve their own social media topics and titles. Something informational and helpful that a marketing agency or influencer might post.

Here are 10 social media title ideas I generated (feel free to swipe any you like for your own content).

  1. Convincing Customers: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Social Media

  2. The Storyteller's Guide to Social Media

  3. The 50 Habits of Successful Social Media Marketers

  4. How to Radically Improve Your Social Media Posts in 10 Days

  5. What No-one Tells You About Choosing the Right Topics

  6. A Beginner's Survival Guide to Social Media Posts

  7. 10 Strategic Headlines to Deliver Facebook Traffic

  8. 15 Ways to Implement an Effective Drip Campaign for Social Media

  9. 33 Tactics to Make the News

  10. 10 Unique Topics to Generate Leads

Here's how I set up my ideation to get to these ideas (Hint: Set up your own ideations by creating a free ideate bot account).

Ideation Settings (approx 2 mins)

Bearing in mind my target audience and the type of creative titles I wanted, I added these 5 seed concepts.

If you're unfamiliar with ideation, check out our beginner guide to learn more about how your creative brain works - from the storyteller in your head to the semantic map in your mind.

Seed Concepts

  • social media posts
  • content titles
  • Facebook post titles
  • topics
  • headlines

Sensible enough, right? I used Facebook as a social network brand mention knowing I can instantly adapt the raw ideas generated from these seed concepts to any popular platform (i.e. Instagram post ideas).


Next I went after two primary topics, Marketing and Writing, along with a diverse range of idea types, including GuidesLists and How-tos.

  • Topic: Marketing, Writing
  • Type: Guide, List, Informational, How To
  • Creativity: 5. Creative

Again, pretty straight-forward. I chose to leave the creativity level at 5 out of 10 for a balanced mix of focus and out-the-box thinking.

Raw Ideas (approx 3 mins)

Here's a list of the raw ideas ideate bot generated for me to choose from. Remember,

Raw ideas are purposefully obtuse because they need to prevent your brain from understanding the semantic intent of each idea instantly.* learn more

  1. The Ultimate Convince Customers of Issues Cheat Sheet

  2. A Practical Devise Facebook Post Titles and Postal Survival Guide

  3. The Persuasive Join Land Bond Paper Money Can Buy

  4. A Beginner’s Guide to Coach in Stories

  5. How Introduce Content Titles Benefit in 82 Days

  6. 50 Habits of B2b Marketing Coach Social Media Posts Change Welfare

  7. A Mysterious Review of Design His Crossfire Postmaster

  8. A Cutting-Edge Benefit Land Censoring Google for Survival Guide

  9. A Strategic Guide to Define Papers About Tabloid

  10. No One Tells You Navigate Topics That

  11. A Quick-Start Guide to Join Front

  12. A Clear Guide to Challenge to Capital Postmaster

  13. The Top 85 Invest Censoring of Google Compared

  14. A Unique Guide to Challenge the Anonymous Content

  15. 72 Cheaper Decide Coach of Topics

  16. 10 Incredible Strategies to Deliver Facebook Post Titles of Postmaster

  17. A Beginner’s Pay on Social Media Posts Anthropology Survival Guide

  18. 33 Tactics Be in Business Headlines

  19. 10 Unique Types of Lead of Topics for

  20. 15 Ways to Drip Campaign Conduct Topics for

  21. 48 Imaginative Things to Outperform Topics

  22. A Detail Oriented Define Content Titles of Html for Survival Guide

  23. 88 Efficient Tips Compete Social Media Posts Work Anthropology for

As you can see, I only needed 23 raw ideas from ideate bot before I hit my target of 10 social media post titles. I stopped there because I'd reached my goal, but even the free account provides up to 50 raw ideas per ideation, so there's plenty of scope to generate a plethora of great titles.

How many quality creative post ideas can you generate in 5 minutes? Take the challenge and share your ideas...