Creativity Exercises & Examples

Improve Your Creativity With Exercises Perfectly Designed to Engage the Creative Brain for Incredible Results

Being creative is something that is built in to all of us. Everyone has the potential to innovate and create. The trick is understanding how to unlock that creativity.

Creativity: A Scientific Definition & Tutorial

A Practical, Scientific Definition of Creativity That Can Be Used to Unleash Your Creative Mind

I'll cut a long story short and start by presenting the full, succinct, scientific definition of creativity.

Creativity is a heuristic process of semantic association leading to novel concepts.

That might not mean too much offhand, but it's extremely useful. Once I've shown my working you'll be able to harness the incredible creative capacity that lies untapped in every one of our minds.

DIY Creative Writing Prompts to Obliterate Writer's Block

Generate Your Own Unlimited, Creative Writing Prompts to Tackle any Topic

Good writing prompts can be an extremely effective productivity tool for a whole class of creative writing problems, from blogging to college essays, speeches, social media post ideas and even marketing campaign strategies. Especially when writer's block pays an unwelcome visit.

How to be Creative (Like Never Before)

A Step-by-Step, Practical Guide to Massively Enhancing Your Creative Brain

You might be surprised to know you're every bit as creative as the most creative people on the planet. All of us have exactly the same creative mental machinery to make profound, creative leaps at any moment.

The difference? Some of us are simply better at using that machinery.

20 New Blog Post Ideas in Under 10 Minutes

An Effortless Way to Generate a Month's Worth of Quality Blog Post Ideas in a Few Minutes

Sitting down to a blank screen, bereft of ideas, is a writer's horror of days past. Admittedly, I still get chills thinking about fruitless nights spent wondering what potential customers and clients could possibly want to read about (in blog format).

As an exercise I wanted to compare my old creative experiences with the modern experience - now that there are sophisticated heuristic tools to help enhance our natural creativity.

10 Awesome Social Media Post Ideas in Under 5 Minutes

How Anyone Can Come Up With 10 Creative Social Media Post Ideas in Under 5 Minutes (Every Time)

Every influencer and marketer knows that fantastic social media post ideas are the life-blood of a healthy online community. Fresh topic ideas are vital to keeping social media feeds on trend and readers engaged.

From the solo blogger to international brands, a huge amount of time, effort and planning goes into generating creative new topic ideas.